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16.06.2021 14:20 Age: 341 days

Tidy up the cables in your home or business!

In the DIGITUS® range you will find practical and stylish:
- cable boxes, in which you can easily hide a power strip of up to 6 sockets,
- cable ducts (so called spines) with length adjustment,
- elastic velcro strips,
- spiral cable ducts with pull-in tool
- and other accessories to keep your cables organised.
Thanks to their flexible materials, they can accommodate cable bundles of different thicknesses. Choose the right solution for you and get rid of troublesome cable tangles once and for all.

What are the benefits?
Here are the most important ones:
- protection of cables from damage
- keeping cable bundles tidy
- increased safety (e.g. when small children or pets are present)
- aesthetic, modern appearance.

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