News: 86 kilograms of the company's own honey!

Assmann Electronic GmbH is delighted with a productive honey season - despite a challenging start!

This year, the staff at Assmann Electronic GmbH can once again look forward to their own honey. An impressive 86 kilograms or 330 jars were harvested from the four in-house beehives, which the Lüdenscheid-based company has been running since 2019 under the management of employee and hobby beekeeper Alexander Babilon. The fact that this year's honey harvest even surpassed last year's is particularly pleasing, as the Assmann bees had to contend with a challenging start to the 2023 honey season due to an outbreak of foulbrood.

American foulbrood is a widespread bee disease that, in the worst case scenario, can lead to the entire colony becoming infected. Fortunately, Assmann employee Alexander Babilon recognized the typical symptoms early enough to be able to rehabilitate and save the affected colonies. However, the passionate beekeeper was not only concerned about foulbrood, but also about climate change: "We had a very late flowering phase in 2023, followed by an extremely dry summer. Both of these things harm the bees and make it harder for them to find enough nectar," explains Babilon. It is therefore all the more pleasing that, despite all the adversity, the honey harvest in 2023 was so good that all employees were able to take a jar of the company's own honey home with them. The company's customers and business partners can also look forward to a sweet surprise.
Incidentally, the bee project was kicked off with the company-wide initiative "Assmann goes green", which was launched in 2019 and has since seen the company commit to greater sustainability in its business processes. There are now four bee colonies, each with between 5,000 and 40,000 bees, on the Assmann Electronic GmbH premises. These important farm animals pollinate the local flora within a radius of around three kilometers and ensure a high level of biodiversity and a healthy ecosystem.

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