Press release: Digitus presents two new mobile charging cabinets

The two new cabinets feature USB-C ports and are ideal for office environments and educational institutions such as schools, universities and libraries

The Assmann Group, a global solution provider for high-quality server, network and peripheral infrastructure products, is expanding its range of Digitus charging solutions for notebooks and tablets with two additional mobile, lockable charging cabinets.

The two new Digitus charging cabinets score with powerful, compact USB-C ports and are ideal for office environments and public facilities, where notebooks and tablets can be stored securely in a central location and simultaneously charged via USB for the next use.

The Digitus charging cabinets in detail:

The mobile charging cabinet for notebooks and tablets up to 15.6 inches (DN-45006) has a double-leaf, lockable front and rear door and comprises 3 rows of 10 charging stations each, all of which have their own USB-C connection at the front. In addition, devices can be connected at the rear with built-in socket strips (3 x 10-way protective contact), and there is also a C20 connection on the side. Optimum cable management is guaranteed thanks to the generous cable ducts and overlength trays. Built-in fans (3 x 24 V) in conjunction with ventilation slots ensure active cooling of the enclosure.

The mobile charging cabinet for tablets up to 14 inches (DN-45007) has a front door made of a complete metal frame with safety glass including a PIN code secured, electronic combination lock. It has 16 charging slots, each with its own USB-C port at the front. There is also a USB-C port and a C20 port on the back. A built-in fan (24 V) in conjunction with ventilation slots ensures active cooling of the cabinet.

In addition to the two new charging solutions, Digitus also offers many other charging cabinets: compact or with plenty of storage space - in the Digitus own-brand range, interested parties will find the optimum product with the right number of charging slots for their individual requirements.

Further information can be found in the Assmann Electronic webshop.

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