Press release: Product range expansion at Assmann: New manageable switches ensure optimized data flow structures in industrial networks

The two Layer 3 configurable switches are ideal for use in demanding industrial network environments

Assmann is introducing two new, high-performance industrial switches that have been specially developed to meet the requirements of demanding network environments. Whether for use in the manufacturing industry, in industrial IoT or in critical infrastructures, the two switches are the perfect solution for stable and efficient network connectivity.

The two industrial switches DN-651160 and DN-651161 are Layer 3 managed uplink switches, each with 8 RJ45 ports and 4 SFP+ ports. With an impressive data transfer rate of up to 10 gigabits per second, the SFP+ ports enable lightning-fast and reliable communication between the various end devices. In contrast to DN-651160, DN-651161 is also PoE-capable.

  • Robust and reliable: The switches are housed in a durable metal enclosure and meet IP40 protection rating and 4 kV lightning and surge protection, protecting the network from unexpected electrical interference and ensuring reliable performance.
  • Flexible and space-saving: Thanks to their DIN rail mounting (top hat rail), the two switches can be easily integrated into the control cabinet to save space. The redundant power supply with reverse polarity protection guarantees uninterrupted performance, even in the event of power failures or faulty cabling.
  • Extensive network functions: Both switches offer a wide range of functions for optimum network management. From basic Layer 2 management functions such as MAC table management, VLAN configuration and link aggregation to advanced Layer 3 settings such as routing protocols (RIP, OSPF, OSPFv3), multicast management (IGMP snooping, MLD snooping) and a virtual routing redundancy protocol (VRRP): the two switches cover all important network aspects.
  • Efficiency and quality assurance: The two switches support the Quality of Service (QoS) standard, enabling data traffic to be prioritized and bandwidth to be used optimally. Support for COS/DSCP and four queues guarantee reliable data transmission even in heavily loaded networks. In addition, the switches offer comprehensive system management, including SNMP, RMON and LLDP, thus ensuring optimum monitoring and effective fault diagnosis throughout the network.
  • Highly configurable: Both switches enable extensive network configuration, including ACL (Access Control List) for improved security, multicast management for efficient data transmission to multiple recipients and much more.

Backgrounder industrial switches:

Industrial network switches play a key role in ensuring the reliability and performance of networks in industrial environments. Choosing the right type of switch depends on the specific requirements of the network in question and the desired functions. Below is a brief explanation of the individual switch types and their typical areas of application:

Fast Ethernet switches

Fast Ethernet switches are designed to transmit data at a speed of 100 Mbps. They are often used in areas where a high data transmission rate is required but the requirements are below the speed of a Gigabit Ethernet. Examples of applications include camera connections in video surveillance, sensors in factory automation or various IoT applications.

PoE switches (Power over Ethernet)

PoE switches enable simultaneous data transmission and power supply for connected devices via Ethernet cable. They are particularly useful in situations where the installation of separate power cables is difficult or expensive. Examples of applications include IP surveillance cameras, VoIP telephones, wireless access points and intelligent lighting systems.

Layer 2 Managed switches

Layer 2 managed switches can control and organize data traffic at the MAC address level. They are ideal for environments in which network segmentation into different VLANs is required in order to isolate data traffic and increase network security. This can be useful in industrial networks, e.g. to separate sensitive data and control systems.

Layer 3 Managed Switches

Layer 3 managed switches (e.g. DN-651160 / DN-651161) can control and route data traffic on the basis of IP addresses. They offer routing functions on the 3rd layer of the OSI model and are ideal for complex industrial networks where segmentation based on IP subnets is required. These switches enable efficient data forwarding between different parts of the network, for example between production lines and administrative areas. They also offer advanced routing functions that can be used to optimize data traffic.

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