CCTT Training

for Certified Cabling Test Technician

What is covered in the training?

The main objective of the CCTT training is to familiarize participants with the theoretical and practical aspects of conducting signal quality measurements in wired networks, including both copper cabling and fiber optic technology.
Attendees learn how to use measurement tools such as the DSX structured cabling tester to accurately assess signal quality and detect any wiring-related issues. The training provides an excellent opportunity for participants to become acquainted with applicable standards and technical norms related to LAN structural cabling systems, as well as the methods used in the process of verifying the correctness of cable installations and their certification.

We are the only official certified organizer of CCTT Fluke Networks trainings in Poland. 

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For whom and for what purpose is CCTT training organised?

The training for a certified cabling test technician is typically organized for installers, computer network users, telecommunications industry professionals, and other experts who utilize or intend to purchase the Versiv/DSX series of structured cabling testers. This tester is an advanced tool used for testing and diagnosing telecommunication networks. The training is conducted by specialists who have obtained certification from Fluke Networks, the manufacturer of the aforementioned tester.

The training is for you, if:

The aim of the CCTT training course is to equip participants with a comprehensive knowledge and skills package that will enable them to perform expert-level precision measurements of cabling using the DSX tester. Participation in the class is not only an excellent opportunity for the participant to broaden their range of competencies, but is also an important step towards significantly increasing their effectiveness in testing cabling systems and reaching for the right solutions when problems arise that threaten the performance and security of ICT networks. Class participants can receive 7 BICSI Continuing Education Credits (CEC) for each day of training.


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Detailed agenda for CCTT training

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When is the training and how to register?






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Benefits resulting from participation in the CCTT Fluke Networks training:


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